Sunday Service

Resuming in Person Worship with Communion

We are pleased to announce a return to in-person worship with communion. These services will look and feel different, as we take steps to ensure everyone's safety and health.

As a sign of our care and love for one another, we are requiring that everyone over the age of 3 wear a mask, socially distance themselves from anyone outside their bubble, and wash or sanitize their hands upon entry. We expect all attendees aged 12 and up to be fully vaccinated. We will continue to stream our services via YouTube for anyone who is unvaccinated or who chooses not to attend in person.

Worship attendees will be greeted at the 42nd Street entrance off the narthex when the door opens at 10:20 am. All windows in the sanctuary space will be open for the entire service. No exceptions. Please dress accordingly for the weather. The "upstairs" bathrooms will only be made accessible to attendees with mobility issues. All others must use the bathrooms on the mezzanine level, under the narthex.

With the start of Advent, we are resuming the practice of Holy Communion. As with so many aspects of our pandemic life, communion at First Lutheran will look different than it did before the pandemic. We are using wafers and pre-poured mini glasses of red wine and white grape juice. The ushers will direct people forward, respecting social distancing. There is a sanitizing station beside the second row of pews – please use this to sanitize your hands before proceeding. You will need to keep your mask up while collecting your wafer and glass. The presider will be in the center to distribute wafers; please indicate if you need a gluten-free wafer. The communion assistants will be on both sides to distribute wine and juice; the glasses are spaced so you can easily take a glass without touching the nearby glasses. Please move to the far side where the containers for used cups are located before consuming the wafer and the wine or juice. Once finished, please put on your mask and return to your seat using the outside aisles. Congregants with mobility issues can receive communion at their seats as usual. If you do not wish to receive communion, please cross your arms over your chest to indicate that you would prefer a blessing from the presider and return to your seat using the outside aisles.

Once the service is over, attendees are expected to leave the building as soon as possible in a manner that respects social distancing guidelines. Thank you for your care and attention to keeping our services as low risk as possible for our community.


We will continue to stream our services via our YouTube Channel for anyone who is unable to adhere to these current measures, is unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, or who chooses not to attend in person.