Narthex looking at white couch with cushions, coffee table and two black chairs
The small, open plan narthex space (986 sq. ft.) is perfect for group meetings and relaxed socials such as book clubs, women's groups, and hobby clubs. Comfy couches and chairs create an inviting ambiance. The attached kitchenette with coffee maker, tea pot, sink and refrigerator make serving a light snack a breeze!
For groups renting the Sanctuary, use of the narthex (minus kitchenette) is complementary. Make your grand entrance or use this space for a welcome table or event registration!
Image of a small Kitchenette with sink, coffee maker and step stool
View from narthex to sanctuary featuring the red carpet and cross in the sanctuary
Image of brown couche with cushions with two black chairs. Sanctuary is seen through the windows