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Friends inDeed

Friends InDeed is a network of pastoral care, a ministry of friendship through compassionate presence, in listening or with caring acts of service. It is a system of support and companionship, a way to empower our members to realize and share
their gifts, and an intentional creation of space for deeper connections. Friends InDeed happens in one-to-one
peer ministry, through the hands and hearts of dedicated, trained volunteers.

Origins and Philosophy

The Friends InDeed ministry began as an initiative within the parish that we may reach out to each other

and to be under the umbrella of the pastoral care at First Lutheran Church and the work of the Parish Care Centre. 

Its purpose is to serve as one way that our church can facilitate a space for connection and initiate outreach.

It is a space where our members and friends are encouraged to share with one another

through gifts of deeds and service as well as through the gift of listening companionship.

This ministry serves as a networking resource and a system of support and fellowship.


Each of us is longing for deeper relationships, and a sense that healthy connections can help us cope

and flourish through the pains and joys of life. Despite our desires to know others and to be known by others,

it is sometimes difficult to be vulnerable and make friendships in a culture that does not always feel safe.

We all have times in our lives when we can reach out, and times when we need someone to reach out to us.

Where are you now? Could you use a listening ear or a helping hand?

Could you share your listening ear or helping hand?

Please contact our office for more information or to get involved.

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