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Exploring Worship

Just as congregational worship is an important and vital practice during Sunday, there is a call to join together to explore elements of worship extraneous to our Sunday traditions and to provide a vehicle for creativity and spontaneity in the context of faith.  Travelling beyond the edges of Sunday allows us to see our life songs take form in the mundane passages of our daily lives. 

 But if Sunday worship isn’t the only setting for congregational singing, is it for enjoyment alone that we sing together?   

In his book The Singing Thing: A case for congregational song, prolific hymn writer and composer John Bell provides eleven answers to the question, “Why do we sing”: 

1.     Because we can;

2.     To create identity;

3.     To express emotion;

4.     To express words;

5.     To revisit the past;

6.     To tell stories;

7.     To shape the future;

8.     To enable work;

9.     To exercise our creativity;

10. To give of ourselves;

11. To obey a command.

But if ever there was a reason to sing to God, it is the suitable response to God’s expressed unconditional love for all.  In singing, there is a space to believe – to believe together.      

Exploring Worship in 2019 - Year C:

We are presently Exploring Worship for 2019.  Contact us if you would like to you join us!

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