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First Lutheran is a community centred on the grace and steadfast love we all receive through Christ Jesus. We are a welcoming community who seek to extend a radical hospitality to our neighbours and friends. We are a gathering of people of diverse ages, cultures, and traditions, a community that seeks to extend love and grace with one another.

All are welcome here, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation; regardless of social, economic, educational, or linguistic status; regardless of citizenship, religious, or cultural background; regardless of relationship status or family make-up; and regardless of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual condition.

There is a place for you in our community worship, service, and life. There is a place for you-no matter where you are at in life. Come, just as you are.

Service Schedule

Our Advent/Christmas Schedule is available here.

is the heart of our ministry and mission. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday at the morning at 10:30 am. Our morning service is available online as well via live webcast which  goes on air at around 10:25 am and in recording on our YouTube channel. Here are videos of some of our evening services.

On Mondays at 7:15 pm we are open for Centering Prayer. 7:30 pm on Thursday evenings is our Choir time.

How to find us

First Lutheran Church is located at 5745 Wales Street in East Vancouver (at the corner of East 42nd Avenue and Wales Street—and Wales is six blocks east of Victoria Drive and three blocks west of Rupert Street—see map).

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Quote of the week

Although Jesus calls us upon journeys that will take us up mountains, that will take us through the desert, that will bring us through valleys and storms, Jesus lets us see him.

And the mystery that is revealed to us, the grace that is given to us, will be enough to change us at our core. It will be enough to give us a new sense of trust that God is with us. And this trust is the impetus to change how we live.


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